Future Depends on Innovation

Who We are?

  • Develop innovative products, specialising in the alternate fuel technology areas – storage, and transportation industry.
  • Design and development of disruptive technologies for light-weight composite cylinders for compressed and liquified cryogenic gas storage and transportation.
  • Innovators who can change the trend and contribute solutions that can bring substantial manufacturing cost efficiency.
  • Business moto is disruptive Innovation for societal health and prosperity.

What We do?

  • Provide patent protected technology and associated Subject Matter Expertise to design and develop Cylinders.
  • We help entrepreneurs and investors adapt our disruptive innovations.
  • We offer technology for product development and sustainable & profitable manufacturing facilities.
  • Futuristic patent protected manufacturing process for composite cylinders for compressed natural gas (CNG) and Oxygen.
  • Continued research process for other high pressure gases (Hydrogen & other gases).
  • Expertise in regulatory process and safety.

Where We are?

  • Vinjamuri Innovations (PVT) Ltd (VIPL) is located in Chennai, India, where technology application and business development models are developed and marketed. VIPL collaborates with Vinjamuri Innovations LLC (VIL) in technology, R&D, development of prototypes, testing and manufacturing processes.
  • Vinjamuri Innovations LLC (VIL) is located in Ashburn, Virginia, USA, where concept development, technology, R&D and market research are conducted.