Design, analyze for high-pressure, light-weight composite cylinders

Composites are a combination of two or more different of components in order to form a material with the desired properties of each. This premise has led to a vast amount of development in the field of polymer matrix composites, which promise lightweight, high stiffness, high strength structures. Composite gas cylinder development and manufacture has been driven by the needs of the end user.

Type III pressure vessels are fully wrapped composite vessels, which have a metallic inner shell (liners.)

A metallic liner for a composite reinforced high-pressure gas cylinder is composed of a seamless metal tube contoured with a top dome and bottom dome. The liner is further composed of a seamless top metal end cap having a mating shape of the top dome and a seamless bottom metal end cap having a mating shape of the bottom dome. Alternatively, an extruded cup is shaped to a dome at the open end and one or two seamless metal end caps are used. In the method of manufacturing, the top and bottom ends of the metal tube are contoured, the end caps are produced, and one or two end caps are attached to the ends of the tube.

Vinjamuri Innovations (VIPL), products are designed and developed to meet customer specific requirements. In addition, VIPL, will assist in meeting regulatory requirements including design qualification testing and production quality assurance.