Our Vision

Focus on alternate fuel technologies and introduce disruptive Know-hows for CNG & high-pressure gas cylinder Industry.

Our Mission

Innovate to provide zero emission energy solutions, safe, reliable and clean energy solutions to improve atmospheric environment and enhance quality of life.

Our Values

Fully wrapped carbon Epoxy Aluminum Cylinders  for pressure up to 350 bar, enable improved safety and functional properties, with substantially lower manufacturing costs.


Innovator, Founder and Director

Gopala Krishna Vinjamuri

Gopala Krishna Vinjamuri is the CEO and Senior Principal of Vinjamuri Innovations LLC established in 2013 ,  an US based small business company. He is a well-known expert in the field of composite cylinder design, testing and manufacturing. He holds the Patent related to  manufacture process for metallic liners for filament wound composite -Type 3 cylinders.

  • 50+ years of multi- disciplinary engineering, R&D and government service experience. Prior to starting Vinjamuri Innovations LLC , he held senior positions including over 15 years in industry and 17 years in US Department of Transportation ~ on (US-DOT) as a senior technical officer – regulations and enforcement  in Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration(PHMSA). He has authored relevant publications including US DOT Standard for Fully Wrapped Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders (DO-CFFC) which is the forerunner for the ISO Specifications applicable world-wide.
  • Post retirement developed an innovative manufacturing process for metallic liners for filament-wound composite high pressure tanks. Mr. Vinjamuri pioneered the initiation of fiber glass reinforced plastics (FRP) technology He holds a US patent, related to manufacturing process for composite cylinders.
  • Earlier, in his career, while working at the National Aeronautical Lab., Bangalore India (1960-69), pioneered composite materials technology introduction, (India Patent Specification #111958 1968 for ‘An indigenous design of filament Winding Machine).   Developed filament wound FRP Nose Cones for Weather Rockets RH-75, for (Late) Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam at TERLS, Trivandrum
  • He is still active in both national (US) and international standards (ISO) committees as related to compressed gas cylinders.
  • Awards include United Nations – ICAO Fellowship for training at NASA Hampton VA (1964-66), and India Invention Promotion Board Presidential Award (1968).
  • Authored and co-authored multiple papers and reports
Founder & Managing Director

Thirumalai Vinchimoor Janardhanan

  • T.V.Janardhanan is the founder promoter of Vinjamuri Innovations Pvt Ltd., an India based business company engaged in design and innovation of products. He has developed expertise in the field of composite cylinder design, manufacturing and testing.
  • He has an overall experience of 30+ years in manufacturing and IT industry including 16+ years in manufacturing industry and expertise in low-cost manufacturing process and developments.
  • He has worked closely with Gopala Krishnan Vinjamuri in the design and manufacture for Fully Wrapped Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders and developed an innovative manufacturing process for metallic liners for filament-wound composite high pressure tanks.
  • He promoted enterprises in the 1990 for cost effective automation with specialization on design and manufacture of special purpose machinery, for auto components and electrical component industry. Projects involved using Hydro Pneumatic cylinders and tolling to reduce cost of manufacture.
  • He was involved in setting up multiple greenfield ventures in Engineering, toolroom and Information technology sectors. All plants are in operation.
  • An out of the box thinker, had created many affordable industry solutions, in his earlier stint in the manufacturing facilities.
  • He worked in the IT Industry, was an SAP expert and developed expertise in end-to-end solutioning of small (up to 3 Million USD) to  large deals (30 Million + USD). Was one of the earlier experts in a specialized ERP – SAP – DFPS (Defense software solution).

Research Papers