Corporate consultants for turnkey composite cylinder manufacture

Vinjamuri Innovations (VIPL), will apply their expertise and experience to design and set up production facilities, and start up efforts to comply with their patent protected liner manufacturing process and innovative modular concepts, and assisting in regulatory approvals, of type 3 light weight composite cylinders for various compressed gas transportation and on board fuel storage applications. Applications will include, but not limited to, CNG and Hydrogen cylinders for automobiles (both high pressure and ultra-high pressure), medicals cylinders, bulk transportation and storage applications.

Business model will include licensing the patent, prepare a project report that will include complete end to end manufacturing of the product, machinery details and sources, finalization of layouts with partners. During the set-up phase additional support will be provided for design of samples/prototypes, manufacture of a few samples/prototypes, creation of complete testing documents including internal test equipments identification and external testing support. Guidance and documentation will be provided for regulatory approvals for the composite cylinders.